Who we are?

A little about us

Global Gardens on the island began breaking gaps in the field of gardening and irrigation. Because we recognize that we’re not number one, we work hard every day offering our customers high quality services at competitive prices and good deals all year.

In Global Gardens  we stand by our commitment to providing quality services, excellence and competitive prices on the market. We recently integrated new services and a group of professional experts to satisfied  all your needs.

Our team with more than ten years of experience, is composed of: collegiate agronomists, arborists, horticulturists certificates, irrigation technicians, landscape designers, water gardens, waterfalls and experts in green areas maintenance. Our special focus is the quality and excellence with which each work is done. Each piece is unique and defined with attention to the smallest details. Our guarantee is based on our satisfied customers.

Global Gardens

A SmartMinds, LLC.

Our Vision

Be a company of excellence benefiting the environment and in turn offering a high quality service
with an innovative concept in the field of gardening and maintenance of green areas

Our View

Create prestige to be one of the leading companies in the Caribbean
obtaining the trust and confidence of our customers through high quality services at competitive prices.

Our services include, but they are not limited to:

  • Design, construction and renovation of indoor and outdoor gardens.

  • Design, installation and management of irrigation systems.

  • Design and installation of lighting systems.

  • Repair irrigation system and lighting system.

  • Fertilisation and pest management.

  • Maintenance of indoor and outdoor gardens.

  • Janitor Service

  • Consulting

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Detailed Services

Interior and Exterior Garden Designs

To have a Global Garden, you will need a highly recommended selection of plants, healthy trees, green grass, healthy land, and a good designer to create a positive impression at first sight. Our team of professionals and experts in this field will assist you along the way.

Every design created is unique in its own way. We emphasize the details, to assure that your project will look spectacular and different from any other.


Global Gardens knows that one of the most important aspects of its garden is to maintain it in good condition. We include experts in irrigation systems to assure the well being of your garden.

Our team of professionals will do a complete evaluation of your project to design a functional, inexpensive, efficient irrigation system.

Global Gardens installs irrigation systems in residences, breeding grounds, to stadium and commercial projects.


Global Gardens offers all kinds of maintenance services, such as: installation and management of irrigation systems, waterfall designs, and interior and exterior gardens.

Our company is the only corporation with an expert in each of the services offered. Besides, we are unique because we have our own agronomist who works only in the area of our services in maintenance of green areas. Our agronomist assures the quality and beauty of your grounds so that it will not lose its worth.

Our trained teams of professionals are prepared to satisfy project and customer needs. We offer our services to: resorts, municipalities, shopping centers, dwelling projects, private residences, condominiums and much more at competitive prices. Our services are not comparable anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Our certified team of horticulturists, landscape designers, agronomists, gardeners, irrigation technicians and waterfall designers are ready to provide any kinds of the following services:

  • Irrigation system maintenance
  • Interior and exterior garden maintenance
  • Aquatic and pond garden maintenance
  • Hotel and residential complex maintenance services

Fertilizers and Plague Management

Global Gardens knows the importance of maintaining your garden in good condition. For such reason, we include a specialized division where our experts in plague management and fertilizers assure the quality and well being of your garden needs.

Janitorial Services

Global Gardens most recent division is “janitorial services”, offered to housing development, hotels, malls, municipalities, and condominiums. We include a trained team of professionals to satisfy all of your needs in interior and exterior cleaning. For a free orientation feel free to call us at any time.


Global Gardens program of consultation count with an expert if each our fields. Therefore, our program is incomparable with any other company.

We adjust to our clients’ budget. Our experts create a program of a unique consultation for each of our clients. This way, all of your questions about your project in our fields can be answered.

Global Gardens is the ideal company for creating extraordinary gardens. We urge developers, municipalities, hotels, contractors, managers and other clients to discover that we are the most complete, responsible, dedicated and competitive company on the market.